You are wondering why such a small German city is worth an English home page in the WWW.
You will find some of the reason here.

We habe established another English/German page for Würselen. This website will substitute on the long run these pages on our private Website.

The Hub

The Hub Of The Univers

And why it is called 'The Hub of the Universe'. That is rather easy to answer; Because I am living here since 1964 and Würselen is my hub to in my world.

You will find a rather raw scetch of Würselen on these pages. Going into more details would need much more time to maintain this web site. In addition, it would challenge my English in a way that the native English speaker reading my trials would suffer even more than she or he is doing now, .



A Warm Welcome To My Würselen

To those of you who misspelled the URL and actually wanted to visit the official web site of Würselen:  follow this link

An alle, die sich nur vertippt haben und eigentlich die offizielle Webseite besuchen wollten, folgen Sie bitte diesem Link