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'Jungenspiel' - A special Tradition

Würselen is called the city of the ‘Jungenspiele’. The ‘Jungenspiel’ is a annual very traditional celebration performed by the youth of neighbourhoods of Würselen. For a long weekend in June, actually 5 days and 5 nights in particular, Würselen sees a lot of parades wandering through the town decked out with flags and bunting.

Competition of neigbourhoods

The young men and women of each neighbourhood compete in having the longest parade, the best music and the most couples and most young children accompanying the parade as ‘Pritschenjungen’. During these days it happens that more than 5.000 people are dancing in the carnival marquee of each parade every night. The joint parade on Sunday afternoon is typically visited by more than 20.000 people.

The Devil

May be, Würselen has the only church (St. Sebastian, a catholic church) in the world where the devil decorates an outer wall. This is why Würselen is sometimes called the Düvel-Stadt. The ‘Düvel’ means - in the German slang, spoken here - the devil, in plain German it would be the ‘Teufel’. If you take a very close look at the right old tower of the church you can find that statue beneath the clock.

If you visit Würselen to face the devil, you will find the cemetery directly on your right hand. indecision


Collage including special buildings in Würselen

Collage including special buildings in Würselen